iRoadshow – The online roadshow for the mobile age

In November 2016, The Telegraph reported that for the first time ever, internet usage on mobile devices had surpassed that of desktop and laptop computers. It’s clear that more and more people are turning to mobile devices throughout working hours or leisure time. We no longer live in a generation where traditional PCs are the primary devices for internet usage, and it is essential that companies optimise their online content and software for mobile.

Today’s busy investors are no exception – and indeed, while some service providers rely on Apps to facilitate their software, many investors simply don’t have the time to search for, download and install Apps. And then there’s the problem of App performance and geographical availability.

iRoadshow, a next generation online roadshow for Equity, Debt and Convertible Capital Markets securities from Black&Callow, directly addresses this issue.

Simple usage begins from the first step.  iRoadshow doesn’t rely on Apps but hosts documents securely in the cloud, with files optimized for mobile, tablet and PC. Native file hosting and protection is provided on the widest range of files, including PowerPoint, PDF, Word, Excel and video formats. The versatility of the software means that it can be used for each stage of a deal: pilot-fishing, investor education and management presentations.

Making it easy for investors doesn’t stop there. iRoadshow has cross browser and device compatibility, for greater flexibility and a faster, easier process.

At the same time, Dynamic watermarking protects sensitive data by recording usernames and details onto any shareable documents to deter unauthorised dissemination.

Chris Callow, Black&Callow’s Joint Managing Director, comments “When launching iRoadshow, we knew that usability and device compatibility were essential features to suit both investors and issuers. With the securities market ever adapting, it is important we continue to provide the best user options for the market.