iRoadshow Insight: Unprecedented Investor Insight


When marketing securities for an equity or debt offering, nothing beats meeting investors face-to-face at a roadshow, to facilitate dialogue and understand their needs and concerns. Yet in an increasingly global market, it’s not always possible for investors to attend a roadshow, which makes it difficult for issuers to engage properly with all their potential investors.

Electronic roadshows are an effective way to showcase prospective deals to such investors. Yet, understanding investor engagement can often be a challenging process when using these limited solutions: although they provide some metrics, they lack real insight into what investors are – and aren’t – interested. Accordingly, deal makers are left without key insight when following up with prospects, resulting in potential lost revenue.

Until now. Unlike other electronic roadshows available to the market, iRoadshow provides issuers with a far greater ability to analyse and understand investor interest and activity.

iRoadshow introduces the unique feature of page-level reporting, allowing for an accurate measurement of which slides or pages investors are spending the longest time on, or simply not visiting at all. This enables issuers to tailor their presentations and other deal-related collateral accordingly to significantly improve their prospects of positive deal outcomes, as well as engaging personally with investors based on detailed knowledge of their interest.

The same metrics apply to room-level reporting. Underwriters can best identify and target opportunities, by judging the strength of demand and therefore engage with investors in a more informed way. With room-level reporting, issuers can quickly understand which roadshows are receiving the most engagements and by whom, allowing them to focus their efforts on what’s working.

Tim Black, Black&Callow’s Joint Managing Director comments, “The ability for underwriters and management to analyse investor activity at a page-by-page level is a unique roadshow feature we are bringing to the market. It reduces assumptions, and provides clients with reliable and factually driven data to adapt their content. iRoadshow simply shapes the brief for our clients.”